Silicone Baby Fruit and Veg Dummy Feeder


Looking for a safe and fun way to introduce fruits and vegetables to your baby? Our Baby Fruit and Veg Dummy is just what you need. Crafted from lightweight silicone, this dummy is designed for ages 3-6 months and is free from harmful chemicals. Start your baby on a nutritious journey with this reliable and durable product.

  •  Easily introduce new foods to your baby without the risk of choking due to food pieces not being cut
    small enough. Our baby mesh feeder has small holes allow your baby to
    get accustomed to new tastes safely while encouraging chewing. Try
    strawberries, bananas, spinach and even frozen breast milk in your baby
  • Using frozen fruits or ice helps to relieve pain while also helping
    to massage gums. Some innovative foods to introduce in the mesh teether
    include frozen fruits, frozen yogurt or even frozen breast milk.
  •  Childproof snap lock clip opens and shuts easily to keep the food pacifier clean from dust. 
  •   Wash with warm soapy water or boil to sterilize.

M-Green, M-Purple, M-Sky


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